Jan 20
Powerful Imaginations

Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

Do you enjoy the arts? Maybe a particular aspect of the arts? Perhaps you love art galleries. Maybe you have curated your own playlist on a music streaming app that brings you joy. For others, reclining in a comfy chair with buttery popcorn at the movies is your art of choice. I believe part of the reason we love art so much is that we get to be dazzled by the imagination of others. I don’t often feel like I have a vivid imagination but I do love indulging in the creative thought process of others.

Often our kids still have an incredible imagination. The stories they tell can whimsical and bizarre. They can engage in extended play simply with a doll, a handful of diecast cars or simply a cardboard box. They easily develop complex games in the park using just the resources in their environment.

I am a full supporter of letting imagination run wild. It is often the creative impetus and skill set our world needs to inspire communication, the solving of complex problems and creativity. At the same time, imagination without the development of critical thinking skills can lead to rumors, anxiety and misinformation. For example, at our school this week the pipes have been particularly creaky as hot water runs through them to keep the school warm. This has led to brilliant imaginations on behalf of students as to why they hear noises. Unfortunately, these ideas have also led to rumors that can be disconcerting for children. Is the bathroom haunted? Are there creatures living in the walls? All great stories but imagination coupled with critical thinking can help dispel rumors, misinformation and fear from spreading. If you hear your child expressing fantastical stories, please relish in and encourage their imagination but also assure them that sometimes there are natural explanations for things that don’t make sense.

We have had this conversation already in our classrooms and we thank you for your on-going partnership in this learning process.

Brad Emery


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