Feb 03
Six-Word Story

Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

Last week I encouraged families to read together. Did you find a good book? In my house, we started reading The Barren Grounds by David Robertson. This week I’m going to encourage your family to write together. I suspect I know what some of you are thinking right now – not a chance. Reading is one thing but writing is something entirely different.

You are correct. Writing is entirely different and it can be hard. What will I write about? Who am I writing for? Do I have anything worth saying? How do I take my jumbled internal thoughts and document them with coherence? For some of our children, depending on age, they have the added complication of still learning how to grip a pencil, letter formation or how to spell common words.

Writing doesn’t need to be lengthy to communicate a message or tell a story. There is a hashtag that trends on social media labelled #sixwordstory. The concept is simple but the execution can be challenging. Do you need a prompt? Start by finding a unique picture online, one that sparks wonder and curiosity. From there, can you write a six-word story? The story may make you laugh, it may raise a question or it may make you reflect. The exercise is ultimately designed to spark your family’s collective genius and to discover the joy of writing with one another. Stories written together spark creative imagination.

Brad Emery


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