Feb 10
Name that Tune!

This past weekend I had the Grammy Awards playing in the background. I quickly learned that I’m either getting old or I’m just wildly out of touch with the current music scene. With a perplexed look on my face, I chuckled when they announced the nominees for the best new artist of the year. I have not heard of a single one of the ten artists.

Two weeks ago, I encouraged families to read together. Last week, I encouraged you to write together. This week the challenge is to engage with music together. Music is a language in and of itself. In fact, it is a universal language. Sound, melody and rhythm take on many different forms but it can be universally understood, regardless of what spoken languages you speak. Music can tell a story, improve your well-being and inspire you all at the same time. What genre helps you relax? What song evokes powerful memories? What tune gets your toes tapping?

There are plenty of ways to explore music together with your children. You could play name that tune. If you have a streaming app, you could curate a playlist together. Perhaps a playlist for when you need to giggle. A playlist for a dinner party or a playlist for walking the dog. Consider picking a genre of the week to play a new country, folk, classic rock or jazz tune each day. Interesting conversations can crop up when you listen to music from different countries and cultures. If you are feeling really ambitious, how about producing your own family music video, lip syncing your favorite song. It just might be possible to discover that your family is the next Jackson 5, the latest viral video on social media or simply the most fun family on the block.

Brad Emery


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