Mar 03
Learning is a Process

Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

Learning is messy. Yet, it is in the mess of the learning process where the action lives. The end product has value in that it brings joy and satisfaction, but the amount of learning involved in the product itself is minimal. Student-Led Conferences are coming up this week and are a perfect opportunity to dialogue with your child about the process of learning. It is in the process that one’s brain is the most engaged. You will get to see your child’s daily notebooks and journals. You will see how learning can sometimes be messy and take us down interesting paths. As you flip through the pages of your child’s learning, celebrate the progression of learning you see and ask questions about the process.

Allowing your child to lead and be the principal voice in the conference allows them to take ownership of their learning and gives them an opportunity to be self-reflective. You can ask questions such as; What about your work makes you smile? Can you give me an example of something that took time to figure out? Where in your learning did you need to make a decision? How did you make that decision? What strategies did you use in your learning? What are you still discovering about your learning? What do you want to learn next? Where do you think you need help in your learning?

You may see incredible products of learning when you attend Student-Led Conferences but remember the learning lies within the process it took to get there.

Brad Emery


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