Mar 17
Noticing Change

Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

Change can be so hard to see. Take the moon for example, it is moving at a rate of 3700 km/h as it orbits the earth. Even jet planes don't move at that speed and yet despite how fast the moon travels, you can continuously stare at it and never see it move. Look at the tomato plants I referenced last week, you can watch them for hours and you will see no growth. However, take another look tomorrow at the same time and you will notice changes. 

Learning can be hard because it is so hard to see growth. It is easy for kids (and adults) to get discouraged because it is impossible to see the neuropathways developing in our brain. Therefore, it is important to recognize and acknowledge milestones as they happen. It is through milestones that we see that change has happened. We notice the orbit of the moon with phases such as the 1st Quarter or a Full Moon. We see the first, sprout, leaf, flower and bud on the tomato. We measure kids against the wall on their birthdays. We survive a long road trip by taking it one town at a time.

What milestones exist in your child's learning? How can you acknowledge them? Did they just recite the full alphabet for the first time? Acknowledge it. Did they say 'please' or 'thank you' in a public setting without prompting? Acknowledge it. Did they write a thank you card to someone, using their own ideas? Acknowledge it. Did they add two numbers in their head? Acknowledge it. These are mere examples of the daily learning milestones our students are accomplishing. Learning can be hard but it is made easier when our accomplishments are readily recognized by the people who care for us. It may not look like it and it may be slow but we are all growing. Our learning makes a difference each and every day.

Brad Emery


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