May 19
Baking Cookies
Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

How much learning can be accomplished through the simple act of baking cookies with your child? It starts with buying the ingredients. This takes a basic understanding of financial literacy. Which brand of chocolate chips should you buy and what recipe will you use? This will take some critical thinking. Measuring out the ingredients requires math and deciphering the recipe requires reading comprehension. Placing the dough on the cookie sheet will need spatial reasoning. Watching the cookies bake takes observational skills, and removing the cookies from the oven is an opportunity for learning health and safety. Self-reflection and the acceptance of feedback can be taught when indulging in the final product.

Sibylla Kiddle, our school’s namesake, understood the power of learning in baking a cookie doesn’t need to stop at the completion of the process noted above. Sibylla Kiddle understood what can be gained by giving those cookies away. She had a passion for serving the community. One of the ways she did this was by baking cookies and taking them to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre. She learned that taking care of others not only brings the recipient joy, it brought her joy as well.

May 25 is Sibylla Kiddle’s birthday. To honour her legacy and to celebrate her birthday, each of our classrooms has chosen to take on an act of service for their community. Teachers will be sharing more detail in their classroom based Weekly Updates. How can you give back to your community this weekend? How can you leverage that as a valuable learning opportunity for your child? Perhaps someone you know would benefit from a little plate of cookies.

Brad Emery


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