Sep 01


/re· con· nect/ 

connect back together. to connect again.  

re-establish a bond of communication or emotion 


This week I had the pleasure of observing the art of reconnection. Staff reconnecting with one another as they collaborated to welcome our students back to school. Students reconnecting as they excitedly recognized familiar faces while finding their teachers on the school field. Families reconnecting as they said good-bye to their children for their first day.  


There is a power in reconnection. Relationships are an invaluable aspect of our well-being. Creating meaningful connections and building friendships deepens our feelings of belonging. When we reconnect, we strengthen this sense of belonging and further build a connected community. 


As we begin a new school year, there will be many opportunities for reconnection.  

Equally important, is taking the opportunity to create new connections. As your children come home from school over the next couple of weeks, take the opportunity to ask them about new friendships they have made and encourage them to connect with someone they have not had the opportunity to talk with before. Together we can grow the lattice of connections that creates a school community that is supportive, understanding and encouraging of one another.


Lisa Patten

Acting Principal



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