Sep 08
Better Together

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” 

Helen Keller 


Over the weekend, I was reflecting on the power of communities as I watched my son’s soccer team masterfully work together to achieve their goals. Each member of the team played a role in supporting one another, utilizing their personal strengths to make the team stronger. Together, as a community, they accomplished so much. 


The same can be said for each of our classrooms. Over the past few weeks, staff have been working together to foster a sense of belonging in each of their spaces. Walking around the school, it is easy to see the safe, caring and welcoming environments that are being created.  


While building collaborative and supportive learning spaces, we are also uncovering each student’s unique talents and strengths. Putting our talents and gifts to use can help us build confidence in ourselves, but also allows us to utilize these to help others. We open ourselves up to new opportunities and experiences. By revealing each student’s strengths, we are creating the tapestry of our classrooms, one where we support one another to grow and learn. 



Lisa Patten 

Acting Principal ​


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