Apr 16
New School Logo

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

Logos are simply pictorial representations of an organization. A great logo would meet lots of criteria. It should be visually appealing, easily identifiable and somehow contain a symbolic sense of what the organization values or who they are. Personally, I love logos that have hidden gems. For example, on the Tostitos logo have you ever noticed the two people dipping a tortilla chip into salsa? Or, have you seen the word ‘mom’ scrawled into the collar of the Wendy’s logo?

b490logo.pngThis past week, after months of consultation, we were proud to unveil our school logo. If you haven’t seen it yet you can look on our school webpage or Twitter profile. Setting out on the development journey we knew we wanted the logo to represent both who our school is and who Sibylla Kiddle was. We also knew we wanted students to have significant voice in the design process.

After going through class discussions about the biography of Sibylla Kiddle our students began brainstorming, debating and sketching ideas for what the logo should include. Staff and students came up with 3 core elements. First, students talked about the importance of having a horse. The horse was originally chosen for us by the architect as symbolic of our school. However, we learned how important Sibylla Kiddle’s horse was to her, as she would ride a horse back and forth every day during her first years of teaching. Secondly, our staff desired a circle representing the cyclical nature of learning, the wholeness of community and equality. The students liked a circle because it represents the cookies Sibylla Kiddle liked to make for others. Finally, it was important to everyone to see the land represented. The land honors our connection to Treaty 7, as well as a place by which we can learn from. Sibylla Kiddle also made the land we learn on today, her home.

Other elements are also symbolically represented in our logo. What do you see? Based on your knowledge of our school and Sibylla Kiddle, what connections do you make? Some connections may be obvious, others far more subtle. Regardless of what you connect with, we hope you see as much joy in our new logo as we do.


Brad Emery


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