May 07
Arbour Day

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

Yesterday was Arbor Day, a day where people are encouraged to plant trees. For decades various organizations have come together to donate tree saplings to grade one students. Those students received their trees yesterday and we hope you will be able to find an appropriate place to plant it and watch it grow.

The saplings that showed up at our school appear to be a variety of pine, although I’m certainly not an arborist. What I do know is that the saplings aren’t much too look at. They won’t add to the aesthetic value of your home. They won’t provide shade on a warm summer day and they won’t support a bird house. At the same time, those saplings are hardy and highly resilient. With a little bit of care and attention they will grow into mighty trees with considerable value.

Transitioning back to online learning isn’t easy for anyone. Depending on who you are, it adds considerable complexities to your daily routines. This is true for you, as parents, our students and our staff. To mitigate those complexities and to add wellness to your days, I encourage you to get outside over the coming weeks to breathe in nature, slow down and to learn from the land. Much like the simple tree sapling can teach us and remind us the value of perseverance; the land can be a great teacher of other lessons. Being outdoors on the land will also help students maintain balance between learning indoors, on a screen, and connecting with nature.

As you navigate supporting your child through online learning in the coming weeks, please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions or need support. We value your partnership and we appreciate the role you play in supporting your child’s learning.

Brad Emery


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