Jun 11
School Song

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

June is a bittersweet time of year in a school. On one hand, the excitement of preparing for a new school year is in full swing. Supplies are being ordered, staffing assignments are being considered and new hires start falling into place. On the other hand, June is the time when we must say farewell to people who we care about it, both staff and students. Farewells are not always easy as people leave lasting impressions and we wonder when our paths will cross again.

One staff member we need to say farewell to is Mrs. McBride. A year ago, our school entered into a one-year partnership with Cranston School to share a music teacher while both of our schools were relatively small. Now that both schools are growing, Mrs. McBride will be returning to her home school of Cranston. We know very well how loved and appreciated she is by our students for being an incredible teacher and person. I can attest that her lessons are filled with energy, enthusiasm and strong foundational music skills.

While her time has been short, she has still left a lasting legacy on our school. As a gift to our school, Mrs. McBride has composed a school song that we hope to be able to perform for you in the near future. In the meantime, here are the lyrics. They poignantly speak to the community of learners that is forming in our building and the values we hold. Thank you Mrs. McBride for making a difference at Sibylla Kiddle School and leaving a legacy that will last for years to come.

We Are Sibylla Kiddle

We are Sibylla Kiddle
Our story’s just begun
We come from different places
But Together we are one
Sharing, caring, helping friends
Whenever they’re in need
At Sibylla Kiddle, connecting you and me

We are Sibylla Kiddle our message still the same
Treat all things with kindness
And forever it remains
Mountain, Horse and River help us learn who we can be
Ohh. At Sibylla Kiddle, connecting you and me

As we all grow
You will see
That we can all be ambassadors
In our community

Thankful for our learning
And all new things to come
We are Sibylla Kiddle,
Our story’s just begun
Our story’s just begun
Our story’s just begun

Brad Emery


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