Sep 03
New Experiences

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

Often when we are about to experience something new there is an internal tension that exists between nerves and excitement. It does not matter how small and trivial the new experience may be, the tension exists. I love trying out new and unfamiliar ice cream shops. However, if you are like me, there is a tension in something as simple as choosing a flavour of ice cream you haven’t tried before. You get one choice, is it the right one? Do I play it safe or do I go for a unique flavour? What if I don’t like it?

The tension between our nerves and excitement, when experiencing something new, can result in some level of stress. In the grand scheme of life, choosing a new ice cream flavour isn’t likely to result in palpable stress but on some level it will likely be there. Imagine now significant life changes such as moving, new jobs or new relationships. These events may result in significant tension. Our students all experienced a big life change this past week. For some it was a new school. For all it was having a new teacher and classmates.

We have been so proud to see our students take up the challenge of their new adventure this week. So many of them quickly embraced the newness of their grade and have jumped into the learning at hand. We know that resilience is built when we can reflect on the positives of making it through a new experience. This weekend, take time to celebrate what your child accomplished. Let them know how great they did and perhaps take them out for a new flavour of ice cream while you are at it. I highly recommend ‘Mini Dount’ ice cream. Delicious.

Brad Emery


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