Sep 10

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

How much of your day is guided by established routines? You likely have an established plan by which you get yourself ready in the morning and even a bedtime routine. If you commute, you may see the same cars on the road or people on your bus. As humans, we like routines. They give us a sense of stability, security and comfort. For many people, an unanticipated wrinkle in a routine can unsettling or somewhat disorienting. It just doesn’t feel right.

This past week, our teachers have been working hard with our students in establishing school-based routines for the upcoming school year. What door do I come in? How can I let my teacher know I have a learning comment to share? Where does my lunch garbage go? Can we play with other classrooms outside? What time is gym? All of these routines bring that same sense of safety and comfort, while at school and while preparing students’ minds for learning.

Establishing home based routines can serve the same purposes in helping children feel regulated and ready for a day of learning at school. Leaving a backpack in the same place every day prevents unanticipated scavenger hunts two minutes before leaving for school. Going to bed at the same time every night helps their bodies develop strong sleep habits. As we establish new routines at school, this may be the perfect time to establish or re-establish some routines at home as well. It is amazing how even little things can create big differences in students’ well-being and learning.

Brad Emery


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