Sep 17
Road Signs

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

Driving can be a complicated task. A good driver constantly needs to adjust to both predictable and unpredictable variables. There is a stop sign ahead. A massive pothole has appeared on the road. A ball just rolled out between cars. Driving west through a construction zone while facing the setting sun. The variables to consider are limitless.  When faced with shifts in the road environment we engage in a process of making constant adjustments in order to arrive at our destination safely.

As teachers, September is a time of year a little bit similar to driving in an unfamiliar location. We know how to be effective drivers (educators) but we are in a perpetual state of learning new roads (students) in order to understand how to best navigate the (learning) journey. We ask lots of questions, we have conversations and we make infinite observations. At times we will sit 1:1 with a student to have them read words on a page, watch them complete a math problem or to discuss a piece of writing. In education, we refer to these interactions as assessments. Assessments may be diagnostic in nature, following a set of prescribed questions or they may be more conversational in nature, allowing teachers to probe for a deeper understanding of what a student is thinking.
Many of these assessments are an on-going part of our September work and our teachers would be happy to answer any questions you may have during our upcoming conferences. September Conferences are a great way for teachers to gain a clearer understanding as to how your child learns best. At risk of over using the road analogy, the conferences help take the terrain mode off our maps and put them into satellite mode with clearer imagery based on the insights you provide us into how your child learns. We thank you for collaborating with us on this journey and we are looking forward to seeing you at our Conferences this upcoming week.


Brad Emery


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