Oct 01
Conversations with People

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

When trying to express our ideas or when learning something new, I suspect most of us would prefer to engage in a verbal conversation with someone as opposed to engaging in a series of written communications. Take the upcoming civic election as an example. I have three candidates running for Councillor in my ward. All three send me written brochures in the mail. However, given the opportunity I would rather chat with each one of them for 5 minutes rather than read their brochure. I learn more by asking personalized questions, reading body language and hearing their tone. Furthermore, I know they have heard my ideas compared to me sending a simple letter their way, which they may not even see.

At our school, we have many opportunities to interact and communicate with families. Admittedly, each of these communication methods come with pros and cons. Weekly updates can be somewhat like a brochure that ends up in your mail. It may be fun to read and contain great information but it is one-sided and lacking human interaction. One great way we love to communicate with families is through the School Council / Fundraising Society meetings. These meetings are a great chance for you to learn more about how our school runs, ask questions and engage in dialogue with real people, including myself and Mrs. Young, our Assistant Principal.

The School Council & associated Fundraising Society have written more information about themselves and these meetings in the weekly update. We sure hope you will be able to join us online this upcoming Thursday as we have a chance to interact and learn together as a school community. For links to the meeting please click here.


Brad Emery


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