Oct 08
Artists, Scientists, and Teachers

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

This past Tuesday was recognized as World Teachers’ Day. This upcoming Monday is Thanksgiving Day. It isn’t hard for me to make a connection between these two days and express my sincere gratitude to all of the teachers and support staff in our school. We all have teachers in our lives who have both formally and informally made a significant impact on us. This weekend I encourage you to take a moment to both reflect on your gratitude for your teachers and to express your gratitude to a teacher in your life or in the life of your child.

More than once I have come across an analogy that really resonates with me. The analogy suggests that great teachers are both artists and scientists. Brain research would suggest these professions embody both left and right brain thinking, which teachers need to embrace this notion of whole brain thinking on a daily basis. I prefer to reflect on some of the qualities of artists and scientists and how they relate to teaching.

For me, artists are skilled in creative communication. They find unique ways to challenge our thinking. They allow us to consider beauty in the ordinary. They create opportunities for us to reflect. Scientists, on the other hand, are skilled in the process of discovery. They challenge the world with questions that haven’t been previously considered. They develop procedures by which we can test our understandings. They communicate information about our world that we may not have known. I’m sure you see connection between great teachers, artists and scientists. I hope you also see a small snapshot into the incredible skills of a teacher. Please join me this Thanksgiving weekend in being both grateful and appreciative for their talents and influence on our lives.


Brad Emery, Principal


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