Nov 19

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

I love playing board games. I know many of you have a similar passion. In my house, there is no shortage of games we love to play. There are traditional games like Rummy, Monopoly and Risk and there are more recent games like Pandemic, Azul and Welcome To…. From a teaching and learning perspective, I believe board games have incredible potential to engage the mind while still having fun.

One would be hard pressed to find a game that doesn’t have an element of mathematical or critical thinking as its foundation. Take a traditional game like Yahtzee. What connections can you see to mathematics? There are obvious connections like adding and matching. However, there is also skip counting, quantifying, subitizing (quickly knowing a number without counting), numerical strategizing, and probability. Your children may enjoy different games but take a moment to think of how much learning is involved in the process. Uno teaches numerical recognition and matching. Skip-Bo teaches ordinals. For older students, games like Scrabble teach spelling and enhanced vocabulary but also numerical problem solving in an attempt to reach higher scores.

We would love to have families share out examples of games they love to play by posting the titles on Twitter using the tag #SKSBoardgames. By sharing with others we can create a community repository of suggestions that engage at home learning in a fun way. In the meantime, take time this weekend to blow the dust off of an old game and get ready to yell, ‘Yahtzee’.

Brad Emery


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