Nov 26
Digital Citizenship

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

We are all familiar with the notion of citizenship. By nature of where we were born or through a variety of life circumstances, we can all identify as citizens of somewhere. The notion of citizenship likely stirs thoughts of belonging, rights and responsibilities. In order for a society to function effectively and for citizens to feel safe, it takes citizens who know how to interact, in a collaborative manner, within the confines of the established rules and norms.

While we don’t often give it a second thought, we are also all citizens of a digital world. Digital citizenship doesn’t hold defined land boundaries, it doesn’t always adhere to established rules and norms and in the grand scheme of history, it is still a relatively new domain. However, knowing and understanding some basic boundaries for effective digital collaboration is still important.

All schools, within the CBE, have a digital citizenship plan outlining expectations for how our collective learning community is to interact in a digital environment. It sets parameters for learning, navigating and collaborating in digital spaces. Our school has recently updated our Digital Citizenship document, located on our website. It gives an overview as to the importance of teaching digital citizenship, our expectations for all of our digital interactions as a learning community (as students, staff and parents) and it gives resources you can access at home for supporting this conversation further. I hope that you are able to take a moment to review this document in the coming week and to think about your role as a citizen within a highly networked and digital world. We will be taking time in the coming weeks to review appropriate sections of this document with our students.

Brad Emery
Principal ​


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