Dec 10
Extra Frosting Please

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

Adding frosting to a cinnamon bun takes a something delicious and makes it even better. We have one more week of amazing learning left before the Winter Break but we thought we would add a little frosting to the learning as we put some festive cheer and community building into the mix.

Our team has come up with some ideas to make the school days next week have a little extra frosting. On Monday, it is backwards day. A perfect time to wear that hoodie with the hood at the front. Tuesday is hat day. Santa hats, ball caps or silly hats, the choice is up to you. Wednesday is your chance to wear your favorite sweater or a holiday sweater. This is my favorite day as I get to pull out my ugly Christmas Star Wars sweater. Thursday is festive colours day. Let’s fill our halls with red and green. Finally, on Friday, the perennial favourite, pajama day.

Our focus will still very much be on learning next week but with these fun little twists thrown into the mix. We encourage you to have fun at home with these days as well. What if supper on Monday started with a cookie or everyone sitting in different chairs? What fun hat might you pull off on Tuesday? Whatever you do, we hope you kind find little moments in your day next week to add in a little fun. The world can always use a little extra frosting in the day.

Brad Emery


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