Dec 17

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

This past week our Grades 3 – 5 students have been putting on mini handbell performances in the Forest, the common meeting area in our school. The students have demonstrated incredible joy when they take their assigned bell, count the musical beat and ring their bell at the right moment.

Watching a few performances, I was struck by the observation that every beat in the song is written as a chord (multiple notes at once). This is what gives handbells their beautiful sound. Our students were learning the joy of music but they were also learning how their individual role makes a difference within the collective musical process. Individual efforts come together in community to make something much bigger than ourselves.

This holiday season, I hope you and your family find the joy of making a difference in your community. For some that may mean volunteering or a random act of kindness but it doesn’t need to take considerable time or effort. Smile at a stranger, say thank you to a front line service worker or simply say Merry Christmas to a random person in a grocery store. Ring that one bell you have and watch the difference you can make.

From our myself and from our staff, I want to wish you all a safe, happy, relaxing and fun Winter Break. Merry Christmas!


Brad Emery


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