Apr 22
Earth Day

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

I received an email earlier this week from the CBE Sustainability team letting me know that our school generates 0.0229 cubic yards or waste/student/month. This number may not mean much but the CBE average is 0.08. I would say this is a big celebration of how well our school community considers their environmental impact.

Today is Earth Day and I wanted to share one more unique aspect about our school building that you didn’t get a chance to see at our open house last night. High on our rooftops sit a vast array of solar panels. They are an impressive sight to see. You are able to get a glimpse of them by going onto Google Maps and seeing an aerial view of our school.

For those of you who love data, there is also a website set up that comes complete with statistics and real-time information showing the output of our solar panels. Did you know in the last 30 days, our solar panels have generated over 13 000 kWh of electricity? How much energy has your home used in the last 30 days? Some quick exploration on this site holds the potential to spark all kinds of further questions for both our students and our parent community.

This Earth Day, what will you do to learn about and take care of our earth? How can you foster environmental stewardship and global awareness in your home? Maybe you want to watch a nature documentary and wonder at our beautiful planet. Maybe you want to choose one day of the week to walk to school inside of driving. Maybe you want to plant some seeds to grow a little garden. How will you and your family celebrate Earth Day?

Brad Emery, Principal


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