May 27
White Blossoms

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

One of our young students was walking to school this week when she was clearly enraptured by the beauty of the flowering trees lining the streets of Cranston. In an attempt to capture and share the beauty, she clipped some white blossoms, delivering some of the blossoms to the office. While the flowers ultimately belong on the trees, I couldn’t help but marvel at the innocence of our children and how easily enamoured they are with the world around them. They know how to see, capture and share the good that surrounds them.

The events south of the border this week are a tragic reminder of not letting a moment slip by us without seeing the joy that lives within the time we have with each other on this planet. As humans, we try hard to capture those moments with pictures, or mementos or even pieces of writing but so often what we capture doesn’t fully encapsulate the moment itself. The biggest joys in life are experienced in the now. We can’t hold on to them, fully document them or keep them in a bottle.

This upcoming week, I encourage you to find as many joyful moments as you can, especially with your children. Celebrate with wild abandon the goal they just scored at soccer. Make a big deal when they actually do a job around the house without being asked. Take that craft or piece of artwork they just whipped up and elevate it to museum status by prominently displaying it in your home. Take them for a walk, lay down under a tree and simply soak in the beauty of some white blossoms by seeing the world through the eyes of a child. We never know what tomorrow holds so be sure to find the joy in what today is giving you.

Brad Emery, Principal


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