Jun 17
Intergenerational Connections

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

For over a year now some of our students have been involved in a unique intergenerational communication opportunity to forge relationships and build resiliency between them, some university students and some local seniors. Through a series of written exchanges, cross generational connections and learnings were made. With the support of a grant, St. Mary’s University spearheaded the work and published a book called, The Resiliency Interviews: Intergenerational Life Writing. Earlier today, the students who participated in the project attended the book launch and had to the opportunity to meet the individuals they have been communicating with. With pride, I turn the rest of my Principal’s Message over to a small sample from the book, the published work of our students and their counterparts. Participants were asked the question, “What is the secret to living a long happy life?” I hope you see the wisdom and the whimsy in the responses…

Older Adult: “For many years of my life, I was much too serious, too tense, and too much of a perfectionist. I can learn from my mistakes. Life is so much better when we concentrate on making joy for others. Then it also becomes a joy for us, too.”

Undergraduate Student: “The thing about happiness is that it is capable of being found daily if a person only remembers to look for it.

SKS Student #1: “I think living a long and happy life is eating lots of healthy food, staying happy with at least what you have, and being a kind person to everyone.

SKS Student #2: “I’m only eight, but I think it is to eat healthy food and workout every day.

SKS Student #3: “I have no idea what it is, but I’ll try. These are all of my guesses: family, friends, and vacation. Sorry, but that’s all of my guesses.”

It is amazing what can be learned when we stop and listen to the reflections, wisdom and stories of others. Who can you share your story with? Whose story is worth listening to? What stories do your children have to share with you and with others? What stories do they need to hear?

Brad Emery, Principal


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