Jun 24

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

Notable chemist Marie Curie once stated, “If I see anything vital around me, it is precisely that spirit of adventure, which seems indestructible and is akin to curiosity.” A year of learning is never short on adventure, an exciting encountering of the unknown. We celebrated our first assemblies and hosted our first open house. We learned from experts and pondered new questions. We laughed on our new playground and devised new games to play with our friends. I hope your adventures, as parents, also had many moments of joy along the way.

As we transition out of this school year, we have a number of staff who will not be returning next school year. Rather, they will be starting up new adventures for where life is taking them. We want to say thank you to those staff. Ms. Jelika, thank you for keeping our school so sparkly clean. Mrs. Piché, thank you for supporting our students in their lunchtime adventures. Mrs. Brar, thank you for supporting learning in so many classrooms. Ms. Miller, thank you for sharing your love of teaching by supporting students across our school. Ms. Waldron, thank you for engaging your grade 3 students in authentic learning. Mr. Scott, thank you for creatively inspiring the minds of our grade 5 students. Mrs. Prediger, thank you for creating lessons which evoked curiosity and wonder in your grade 2 students. Finally, Mrs. Holmgren, thank you for inspiring joy within the learning of our youngest students, our Kindergarteners. You all will leave an undeniable legacy on Sibylla Kiddle School. We wish you much success on life’s next big adventure.

May your summer be filled with adventures. Adventures which bring you and your family joy. Adventures which contain inherent risk mingled with taking care of your well-being. Adventures leading to new learning, discoveries and wonder. We look forward to hearing where your adventures took you, when we meet again in September.

Brad Emery, Principal


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