Sep 09

Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

In the midst of laying on the couch with a bad cold this summer, I learned something very interesting. I consulted Dr. Google with a question, why does my throat feel fine during the day and start to hurt at night?  I’m not a doctor but what I learned in my online surfing is that viruses have a circadian rhythm. In other words, they follow and need a routine. Circadian rhythms are essentially our body’s internal clock, they subtly remind us of the routines in our life, like when to sleep or eat.

Getting back into routines in September can be difficult for children and adults. We might be getting out of bed earlier, walking the dog on a different schedule or starting up fall enrichment activities. While September can feel like being swept into a strong current, it is important to establish routines; our bodies and our brains need them. Routines reduce stress, help us sleep better and give us a sense of security that exists in a state of normalness.

Like you, our teachers have been working hard this first week at establishing routines with our students. Where do I hang up my jacket? What time do we go to music? What do I do if I can’t find my pencil? Routines allow our brains to focus and learn new things while not needing to process what is already established. This leads to improved learning outcomes and greater emotional regulation. September is the perfect time to establish new routines for learning, eating, sleeping and daily living. Establishing those routines can be challenging at the start but will result in immense benefits for both you and your child.

Brad Emery


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