Sep 29
Let's Walk to School

Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

Those of you who have lived in Calgary for years know this fall has been unusual. Autumn typically consists of a few days of beautiful coloured leaves, followed by cold winds, heavy rain or even snow. By the time the first fall storm rolls through, the leaves have fallen or turned brown from freezing and the onset of winter has arrived. This year, however, the weather has been beautiful, giving us a chance to appreciate the beauty of the season.

The week ahead has been dubbed International Walk to School Week. I can’t think of a better Calgary fall to join in the spirit of this initiative and the forecast for the week ahead looks beautiful. As most of us know, walking is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body. It is low impact, can strengthen cardiovascular health, reduces stress levels and it gets us outside in nature. There is also the further benefit of reducing traffic around the school, which we all know is an on-going challenge.

Walking to school is also a great way to enrich the new Alberta Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum, which has outcomes related to daily physical activity promoting well-being across a lifetime. Will your family take up the challenge of walking to school this week? Do you live too far? Perhaps pick a spot to park in the community and walk the final 500m. The exercise will be good for your body, your child’s body and for setting healthy lifestyle habits for years to come.

Brad Emery


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