Oct 06

Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

There is a theatre sports game performed by actors during improvisational comedy called ‘Props’. It’s a simple game where actors are given a random prop and they reframe it in a different way. Kids are really good at this exercise as it takes considerable creativity. A pylon becomes a hat. A dresser drawer becomes a doll bed. A propeller becomes a bow tie. It is easy to see how the right prop paired with a creative mind can create some hilarious comedy.

I spent some time in our Grade 1 classes this week to observe the teachers capitalize on this game through writing. With Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, a picture of a clipart turkey was put on the board. Students were to develop a piece of writing whereby they are to convince the reader this isn’t actually a turkey and they shouldn’t eat it. Creativity abounded as students reframed that turkey into bouncy balls and coloured gum machines. I stood back and smiled at the joy of learning within the room. Students were writing, being critical thinkers, considering multiple perspectives and developing creativity all in one assignment.

You can encourage these same skills at home, while getting a good family laugh in at the same time. Going around the dinner table, how many different ways can you reframe the lowly spoon? Going for a walk, if it isn’t a street light, what else might it be? Picking up a fallen leaf, might it actually be a caterpillar potato chip?  The creativity may be silly but the skills developed can have profound impacts on lifelong learning.

Brad Emery


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