Oct 14
Celebrations of Learning

Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

When you think of a school assembly, what images come to mind? Children singing? Sitting on a gym floor? Speeches? My most vivid memory of elementary school assemblies is singing God Save the Queen at the end of every one. Ironically, at the time, I couldn’t fathom the possibility that we would ever sing God Save the King.

This upcoming week we will be starting up periodic assemblies at our school. As we plan these events, we are taking careful consideration as to why we have them. We believe they are important for gathering as a school community to celebrate learning. In fact, we call our assemblies Celebrations of Learning. Our teachers are encouraged to consider three priorities in their planning. How will you celebrate the process of learning in your classroom? How will you celebrate the product of learning in your classroom? How will you tie that all together to allow students the opportunity to meaningfully present their learning to the broader community?

Parents are welcome to attend these Celebrations of Learning, as they are meant to be community events. Please note, every grade will be presenting once over the course of the school year. Due to space limitations, we are requesting that you only come to these events if you have a child presenting in the assembly. Furthermore, as our gymnasium has space limitations, we would ask that you limit your party to 2 people.

In the meantime, remember that learning can be hard work for all of us. How can you take the time to celebrate both the process and product of learning, in your home?

Brad Emery


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