Oct 21

Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

What hobbies, interests or activities do you like to do in your spare time?How would you answer that question? Maybe you would say rock climbing, sewing, playing hockey or baking. The options available to us are essentially limitless. For the most part, how we answer that question (outside of reading) is not a core academic subject at school. Yet on closer consideration, how much reading, writing, math or physical literacy is involved in your passion? I’m guessing a lot.

After a prolonged period of COVID restrictions, our school is ready to introduce some clubs to our in-school learning. With our early start and having a number of bus students, it makes the most sense to offer these clubs during school time. One Friday a month, for an hour, students will be reassigned to different teachers in the school where they can learn while engaging in a topic of personal interest. For example, students will learn logic in the coding club and numeracy skills in the board game club.

This weekend, we would appreciate it if you would spend a couple of minutes exploring the Club Options​ for students. This upcoming week in class, students will share their top 5 preferences with their teacher so we can arrange students into preferred clubs. We look forward to learning with all of our students, through their passions, as the year progresses.

Brad Emery


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