Oct 28
Digital Citizenship

In the spirit of Halloween, what do you find scary? Our kids may say hairy-legged spiders, the imaginary creatures that hide in their closet or possibly the vegetables on their dinner plate. For me, raising children in a digital world can be scary. What do they have access to? Who will they interact with? What messages are they being exposed to? Just having an internet connection can feel like having access to a 24/7 haunted house right in my living room.

While my comparison may be extreme, as parents we recognize that the online world does have significant challenges and it does raise questions about how to support our children as they learn to navigate this world. All schools with the CBE have established Digital Citizenship plans. These plans set a roadmap for how we intentionally use technology in schools for learning, while aiming to give students the skills they need to navigate the digital world.

You are encouraged to have a read through our school’s Digital Citizenship plan, as posted online. It will give you more specifics about how we approach this topic at school. It outlines guidelines for students who want to bring technology to school and sets out some specific goals we are working to achieve over the coming school year. These are important conversations at school and at home. Have you talked to your child about their role as a digital citizen? How can our school based Digital Citizenship plan inspire you to enter into a conversation with your child? There is no ‘trick’ to having these conversations and the end result can end up being a real ‘treat’.

Brad Emery


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