Nov 18
Learning Through Sport

Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

Canada’s men’s national soccer team enters into FIFA World Cup contention this upcoming week for the first time since 1986. I do love the intrigue of international sporting events. I don’t know much about soccer but every four years I’m drawn into the spectacle of FIFA. The added bonus this year is being able to cheer for Canada!

Finding opportunities to learn at home can sometimes feel daunting. Is there time? Do you or your child have the energy? What could you be learning? Consider how you may leverage the ‘every day’ to encourage learning. Looking at the upcoming World Cup, what connections do you see?

Sport encourages physical literacy. How do players train? What could your child do to set healthy living routines? Sport can support mathematics. Connections can be made to time, angles, measurement and probability. Just this week, in my house, we had the ‘Stat-Cast’ on while watching a hockey game. The numbers sparked a flurry of math-based conversation among my children. Sport can support literacy. It is a genre for reading; news articles are easily found that encourage skills such as reflection, recognizing facts and developing supported opinions. Social studies can be added in, looking at the culture of sports in different countries. Why does Canada dominate international hockey but has only been to FIFA twice, having never yet scored a goal? Outside of academic learning, you may also consider social-emotional connections. What does sportsmanship look like? How do the players show resilience?

Learning at home can be engaging, meaningful and fun. What might it look like in your home? Go Canada!

Brad Emery


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