Nov 25
Well Done, Parents

Dear Sibylla Kiddle School Families,

Most of us know a proverb widely attributed to African cultures that simply says, “It takes a village.” In education, we often use the word ‘stakeholders’. We know that raising and educating children takes community. Teachers, parents and community come together in the best interests of child development. We cannot do it alone.

This week, I want to celebrate you, as a parent. We have seen the illness rates in our school and we know many of you have had a challenging week. You have juggled child care and work schedules to have someone at home or to pick up your child midday from school. Many of you have wiped more noses then you want to and have lost sleep listening to a child cough during the night. You have engaged your support network in a massive scavenger hunt for child’s pain relief medication and you have made countless bowls of soup only to have most of them go uneaten.

Parenting is amazing but it isn’t easy. I want to salute each and every one of you as you do an incredible job in raising your child. As a school, we appreciate all that you do in setting your child up for success in learning. You make sure they have food to nourish and regulate their bodies at lunch time. You coach them through challenging social situations they may face at school and you read stories to them supporting their language development. Your daily actions make an incredible difference in their learning and in their well-being. Give your child a big hug this weekend and in the process, let them give you a big hug back. You deserve it!

Brad Emery


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