May 19
A Peek Inside

Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,

Have you driven by our new school recently? It looks like a hive of activity. With each new tarp that is removed I get excited to see the latest reveal. However, I am most anxious to see what the inside of the building looks like. Like you, I have still not been allowed inside. Even though I have not been inside, I can tell that much is happening beyond the exterior walls.

Likewise, lots is happening with respect to some of the logistics related to attending Sibylla Kiddle School. We have been waiting on a variety of factors and decisions made by multiple people before we can make school based decisions and communicate more information to families. I sincerely apologize for the delays in communication. I understand, as a parent, the challenges of planning family life when there are unknown factors to consider. Please keep watch on your email as there will be much more to share in the coming weeks.

Construction Progress

Families are encouraged to continue to monitor the Building & Modernizing Schools website for construction updates. I am working closely with the Calgary Board of Education along with Alberta Infrastructure to understand what impacts the current pandemic may have on construction. I hope to know more and communicate updates in this area by early June.


We do know the school hours will be from 8:00 AM – 2:35 PM, Monday – Thursday and 8:00 AM – 11:45 PM on Fridays. Lunch hours and Kindergarten hours will be determined by late May and will be communicated at that time.


We are working on finalizing what Kindergarten will look like for the upcoming school year in terms of hours and AM/PM classes. I anticipate being able to have more communication in this area by the end of May. Please note, due to the current pandemic we will not be able to offer a traditional Kindergarten orientation, as has happened in previous years. We are awaiting direction from the CBE to determine how we can best share out the information you need to know.

Communication (Phone, Email, Website)

Our phone number is 403-817-3432 and it is in operation. We also have a school email which is monitored. It is This will be your main point of contact with the school and will eventually become our primary email for reporting student absences and lates.

Before & After School Care

We are in the final stages of determining a before and after school child care provider. Once a decision has been made we will communicate it with families. We anticipate being able to communicate this decision in late May or early June.

Once again, I want to thank you for your patience as some of these logistical but extremely important factors are being determined. I want to assure families that we know how important this information is and we will communicate answers as soon as we have them and are able.

Finally, I would love to be able to meet your family. Unfortunately, in our current reality this is not an easy venture. After much brainstorming as to how I can effectively meet you and our students, I have decided to try running some Pop Up Principal times in the community over the coming weeks. I will station myself at various locations throughout Cranston and Copperfield so you can walk or ride by on your bikes and say hello. We will all need to be aware of physical distancing protocols (I will stay back from the path or sidewalk). I will send an email to families a day or two before my Pop Up Principal times, once I know the weather for the week, with the exact day and time I will be in the location. The tentative schedule will be as follows:

               May 19 – 22 – Zipline Park in Riverstone by Cranbrook Hill and Cranston Avenue

               May 25 – 29 – End of Cul-de-Sac on Cranford Street (east side of Sibylla Kiddle)

               June 1 – 5 – Park at the intersection of Cranford Way and Cranford Park

               June 8 – 12 – Copperfield Community Association tennis courts (south side)

               June 15 – 19 – Cranston Community Association tennis courts (SW side)

               June 22 – 26 – Park between Cranbrook Drive and Cranbrook Rise (south side along path)

               June 29 – June 30 – Copperfield Pond at entrance to Copperfield Close (NW side of pond)

I look forward to meeting you soon!​

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