Club Friday 

Drawing Club

We will explore guided drawings, drawing techniques and drawing challenges.


We will engage in fun building challenges to expand your creativity and thinking.

Lizard Club

Working with live lizards, students will learn about how to take care of a Uromastyx Pet Lizard.

Friendship Bracelet Club

We will be creating bracelets using yarn and beads.

Maker Club

We will engage in a variety of building and STEM challenges.

Book Club

We will read, talk about, and do activities about books!

Google Slides Club

We will create a Google Slide presentation using tips and tricks we have learned.

Yoga Club

We will practice different yoga moves and techniques through stories.

Board Game Club

We will work together to collaborate and learn how to play different board games.

Card Making Club

We will learn different crafting techniques to make handmade greeting cards for various occasions.

Coding Club

In this club, students will use interactive puzzles to problem solve and learn to code.

Writers Club

We will be creating choose your own adventure stories using movies, books and pictures as prompts.

Dance Club

We will be exploring different styles of movement and dance.

Pottery Club

We will play and create with clay using a variety of tools and techniques!

Origami Club

We will be learning the art of paper folding to create different sculptures.

Ozobot Club

Students will be creating and coding using robots.

Drama Club

You will use your imagination and improvisation as you create scenes, plays, and perform for others.

Mindful Colouring Club

We will be using tools such as Zentangle and music to practice being mindful.

Kindness Club

We will be spreading belonging and generosity around our school through random acts of kindness. 

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