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Alert:  ​The Government Announced Changes for K-12 Students Across the Province Starting Nov. 30, 2020.

Premier Jason Kenney announced important new health measures for all K-12 students in the province, including students in the Calgary Board of Educat... View Full Details

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Fundraising Opportunities at Sibylla Kiddle School
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Parent-Teacher Conferences | Nov. 19 & 20
  • Fundraising Opportunities at Sibylla Kiddle School

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences | Nov. 19 & 20

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Dear Parents of Sibylla Kiddle School,
This past week was Bullying Awareness Week in Alberta. A week to draw attention to, learn about and understand the issues related to bullying. We can likely all agree that demonstrating respect and decency to one another should be considered a basic human value. However, for many, including our children, this is a skill that takes direct learning and practice.
Often, as a society, we jump to the word bully because we don’t always have another word or an understanding for how professionals define the word. In my work with children, I help them to understand the differences between the words rude, mean and bullying. All of these words carry negative connotations and are ultimately unacceptable but the differences lie in the intentionality behind the behaviour. Rude behaviour is a result of uncontrolled actions that unintentionally hurt someone else. We might see this at school as a child throwing ice in the air or running down a hallway. These actions may end up hurting someone and are not acceptable at school but the injury to another wasn’t intended. Mean behaviour is when someone goes out of their way to intentionally hurt another in some way. This may involve mean words, physical aggression or even a targeted eye look. This type of behaviour is also not acceptable and may carry consequences, but it isn’t necessarily bullying. Bullying is commonly defined as repeated negative behaviour that targets an individual so that the power of one person is used to intimidate and belittle another individual. This is on-going, negative behaviour resulting in a power differential. Giving our children the tools to discern between rude, mean and bullying behaviour helps them also know the best strategies for dealing with the problem.
As you help your child navigate the complex world of conflict with the goal of showing respect to all individuals, you may find the attached image useful in your conversations. This is an image we often use at school to help students learn and understand the difference between rude, mean and bully.
Sincerely, Brad Emery Principal

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Sibylla Kiddle School

126 Cranford Dr SE Calgary, AB, T3M 0W4
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