Illness & Medical

Supporting your child's health is critical for us. Please contact us if there are medical conditions and or mental health concerns we need to be aware of (403-777-6070). 

Allergy Alert | Nuts

We have a number of students who have an allergy to peanuts. Because most nuts are processed in factories, which also process peanuts, all nuts should be kept away from these students. If peanut butter or even the tiniest amount of peanut or peanut products such as peanut oil, enters the student’s body through the eyes, nose or mouth, the student experiences a very strong reaction called anaphylaxis. The student’s face may swell and break out in hives. The student’s throat may swell and tighten, making breathing difficult. Without immediate medical treatment the child could die within minutes.

We need parents/students to be aware that if there is a child in their class or group with an allergy to nuts we would request your cooperation in refraining from sending food products containing any kind of nuts to school. 

Illness at School

If your child becomes ill dufring school hours, the office will call parents/ family members listed in PowerSchool. We ask that you make arrangements to pick-up your child as soon as possible to ensure that we continute to keep our staff and other students healthy and well. Please make sure you have all emergency contact information updated.

Health Conditions

Inform your child’s teacher of any health condition affecting you child, for example: hearing, sight, allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, or needed medications. Medications to be taken during school hours require a signed Student Health Plan to be on file at the school.

Medication and Significant Health Concerns

If your child has special needs relating to allergies, asthma or other medical conditions, please provide the classroom teacher and principal with information relating to their condition and any treatment, medications, etc. that may need to be administered at school.  A Student Health Plan must be completed at the school before any medications may be administered.  This information needs to be updated on an annual basis or sooner if the condition or needs change throughout the year.  A master file will be maintained in the office so that all staff who may be in contact with your child have quick access to any treatment information that is necessary.  Please provide this information as soon as possible.

For the protection of all students, all medications must be secured in the school office, with the exception of inhalers and Epi-pens carried on the individual for life threatening conditions.  In certain instances it may be prudent to have an Epi-pen or inhaler housed in the school office as well.

Medical Emergencies

Parents of students with serious or life threatening health concerns should complete the Student Health Emergency Response Protocol Form. This form allows all staff to be completely informed as to the correct course of action if a health crisis should arise while at school.

In the case of all medical emergencies, where possible, parents are contacted immediately.  If your child requires immediate medical attention, an ambulance will be secured.

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