​​Our school is part of the CBE, which is the largest school district in Western Canada. We offer a depth and breadth of programs and supports to meet the unique learning needs and interests of an increasingly diverse population. We focus on personalizing the learning experience so that each student is engaged, inspired and learning to their full potential. Our values are: students come first; learning is our central purpose; and public education serves the common good.

You can look on the CBE website for more information on teaching and learning.​​

Teaching & Learning

Ways in which Parents can Support Learning at Silver Springs School

The Calgary Board of Education encourages all schools to collaborate with parents to identify ways in which parents can support the school's learning program. At our school we all make a commitment to do the following:

                     Take Care of Yourself       Take Care of Others        Take Care of this Place

We hope as a school community that parents can support learning by

  1. Using School Messenger and the CBE Website to keep up to date on important school information
  2. Making use of these two important documents: 
    1.   Student illness
    2.   Parents’ Guide 2020-21 School year
  3. Reading daily with your child.
  4. Promoting life long learning to children and encourage them to recognize the importance of life long learning.
  5. Ensuring that your child(ren) attend school regularly and punctually.  
  6. Sending your child(ren) to school properly rested, nourished, and ready to learn for the day.
  7. Contacting the school when it is necessary for children to be absent or to arrive late.
  8. Maintaining an environment of open and honest communication with the school to enhance mutual respect and trust.
  9. Letting school staff know of any social issues that arise that your child needs support with so we can build a plan together. 
  10. Providing staff with on going pertinent information that promotes understanding of each child's behaviour and learning needs.
  11. Keeping aware of children’s educational progress through ongoing communications and by attending our Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences. 
  12. Supporting and encouraging respect for the school's expectations for student behaviour.  
  13. Teaching your child to safely cross the street, attend to safety protocols for social distancing outside on the playground.
  14. Helping your child understand and practice the ethical use of technology. 
  15. Supporting your child(ren) in celebrating the ways in which they show love, care and respect for themselves and others. 
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