Our Staff

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Position Name & Email
Principal Ms. L. Lailey
Assistant Principal Mr. C. Edmonds

Office Staff

PositionName & Email
Admin AssistantMs. L. Huang
School SecretaryMs. V. O'Shaughnessy

Teaching Staff

Language Arts / Humanities / Social Studies

Position Name & Email
Learning Leader, Grade 8 Humanities, Grade 9 SS, 8-20 Homeroom Ms. A. DeKelver
Learning Leader, Grade 9 LA/SS, 9-11 Homeroom Ms. C. Marjoram
Grade 5 Humanities, 5-32 Homeroom
Ms. R Newson
5 HUB Ms. M Parkkari
Grade 6 Humanities, 6-33 Homeroom Ms. C. Schreiber
Grade 6/7 Humanities, Grade 6 Science, 7-04 Homeroom Ms. M. Salt
Grade 7 Humanities, 7-14 Homeroom Ms. K. Payne
Grade 7 Humanities, 7-16 HomeroomMs. R. Cook
Grade 8 Humanities, 8-18 HomeroomMs. P. Strocen
Hub Grade 7 Social Studies Ms. R. Davis
Grade 9 LA, 9-13 Homeroom Ms. B. Schreiber

Mathematics / Science

Position Name & Email
Learning Leader, 7 & 9 Math, 7-17 HomeroomMr. M. Kroeker
5-8 Math, 5-05 HomeroomMr. V Chang
5/6 Math & Science, 5-32 Homeroom Mr. S. Campeau
6 HUB Ms. K. Riegel
5-8 Science, 6-06 HomeroomMr. K Gimenez
7 HUBMr. T. MacFarlane
7 & 9 Science, 7-21 Homeroom Ms. C. Webb
7 & 8 Math, 8-19 Homeroom Ms L. Johnson
8 HUB Ms. A. Chrusch
8/9 Science, 9-10 Homeroom Mr. A. Jang

Career and Technology Studies, Complementary

Position Name & Email
Industrial Arts Mr. V. Chang

Fine and Performing Arts and French Second Language

Position Name & Email
5-9 French Second Language Ms. C. Berenger
5-9 Art Ms. T. Reinson-Adam
5/6 Music, 7-9 Band, 7-9 Drama Ms. Andersson

Physical Education and Health

Position Name & Email
Learning Leader, 5-9 PE Ms. M. Craig
 5-9 PE, 6-31 Homeroom Mr. B Reid
5-9 PE, 9-15 Homeroom Mr. J Komori

Student Services

Grade Name & Email
Learning Leader, Resource Ms. C. Kawalauskas
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Students from @MidSunSchool raised money to support those experiencing poverty & homelessness. Way to go! #WeAreCBE https://t.co/9eL1pct8ka

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