We take safety and security seriously. It is important that we maintain a safe and caring community so that learning can take place.

Visitors & Volunteers

Our school is a closed campus. All visitors and volunteers must report directly to the main office to sign-in and request permission from the school administration to be in the school. This process helps us know where you are in case of an emergency and allows staff and students to know you have signed-in with the office staff by wearing your volunteer/visitor badge. 

In order to ensure school security, all exterior doors will be locked after school commences each day. Anyone who is not a student or school staff member is required to sign-in.

Student Searches

In the event that school safety and security is a concern administration has the right to complete searches of student lockers, student property or personal belongings at any time.

Fire and Emergency Drills

If we have an emergency in the school, it is important that everyone responds quickly, and without question. Classroom teachers will discuss with students the steps to follow, and evacuation routes. Several times during the year, we will conduct fire drills, and lock-down procedures. During these drills, there should be no talking!

During a fire drill, it is important that you quickly leave the school in a quiet and orderly fashion following the teacher's instructions.

During a lock-down drill, it is essential that all individuals including students and staff sit on the floor, away from the door, remain silent, until given the directive to “stand down” by a Police Officer.

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All CBE schools are required to practice lockdowns in the same way that we practice fire drills. The procedures for lockdowns are developed with the Calgary Police Service and are part of each school’s Emergency Response Plan. If you have questions about lockdown drills or lockdown procedures, please contact your principal.

Evacuation Procedures

In the event that the school needs to be evacuated for any reason, all staff have been trained according to CBE standards. All schools have a primary and a secondary evacuation site. In the event of an evacuation, you will receive an email, phone or SMS notification from the school.