Cell Phone Policy 

As clearly articulated in our School Agenda, we would like to remind you of the cell phone policy at Simon Fraser. The policy is different for those students in grade 5 and 6 from the students in Grade 7,8, and 9.  The students in grade 5 and 6 are to put their phones "Away for the Day".  This means that the students must have their phones in their locker for the entire day, including lunch.  In Grade 7, 8 and 9, the students can have their cell phones before school, at lunch and after school students are able to use cell phones for appropriate use.  During class time however, cell phones need to be kept in student's lockers - home is even better.  Cell phone usage at school is an extreme distraction to learning, provides rude interruptions and stymies social interaction.  If parents have a need to contact their child (and vice versa) parents can call the school and we can deliver the message to the student - students are able to use school phones in the classroom or in the office to call a parent.  If a student is found using their cell phone during classtime or between classes, they will be asked to take it to the office.  The cell phone will be placed in the school safe - to be picked up by the student the following day after school.  Alternatively parents can pick up the cell phone after school on the same day.  We appreciate your support!

Movement in Hallways

Because of narrow hallways, steep staircases, and the large number of students, it is important to show consideration and courtesy when changing classes. There should be no running, pushing or shoving.

Try to keep to the right side of hallways and staircases and when arriving at the next room, wait at the side of the hall until the previous class has had a chance to exit. As well, where possible, use the west or east stairs to avoid crowding of the halls or centre staircase.


During the year we will have a variety of assemblies. To move 400 students in and out of the gymnasium quickly requires you to follow teachers' instructions, proceed in single file and fill in all assigned seats. Our assemblies will vary from being formal, where appreciation is shown by clapping, to much more casual pep rallies, where the audience is encouraged to participate actively and loudly. We will indicate the appropriate type of behaviour for each assembly, and know that you will show the right type of appreciation and respect to performers and to presenters.

Citizenship in the Community

We count on all of our students to be responsible for behaviour in the community. This implies courtesy and respect to businesses, and taking responsibility for litter we may create. Neighbouring property, the community playground equipment, skating rink are off limits, as well the Dalbrent Medical Clinic and Community facilities are out of bounds unless you have business there.

It also means showing traffic awareness, and crossing streets with caution at intersections. This is not only an important responsibility, but is also essential to your personal safety.

We do allow students to leave the grounds at noon on the assumption that this has been discussed at home and that parents have given their approval.

Disciplinary measures

Every attempt is made to resolve difficulties at the classroom level. When asked to meet with a teacher outside of school hours, do so promptly, or make arrangements for an alternate time.

Case Statement

If more serious problems emerge, students will be sent to the office to fill out a "case statement". The student will remain in the main office until they have met with a school administrator to work out a solution to the incident. We make every attempt to allow students to solve their own problems; however, parents will be contacted on a regular basis.

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