Dress Code

We are pleased that our students know how to dress appropriately for regular school classes, as well as for special activities. We believe that good grooming is an important part of being prepared for school.

Hats must be removed upon entering the building, and outside coats or jackets be left in lockers.

Non-acceptable forms of dress include:

  • torn or dirty clothes or jeans 
  • T-shirts that are imprinted with inappropriate or offensive items 
  • short skirts/short shorts (must be finger-tip length), pyjama bottoms, tank tops, t-back tops, spaghetti straps, and muscle shirts/tank tops 
  • any clothing that allows bare midriffs 
  • wearing jeans “low” so that under garments show is inappropriate 
  • see through clothing without appropriate undergarments meeting the above criteria

Your clothes must be safe and appropriate at all times.

Students will be requested to change if they don't meet these standards, or they may be sent home to change.

Physical Education Clothing

All students must change into school approved clothing for physical education classes. We will help students mark their "gym strip" for identification. Simon Fraser clothing is available for purchase. Visit the Merchandise page for more information.

  • Black shorts and a red shirt are mandatory for class.
  • Students must have running shoes for class, with laces done up tight.  Flip flops, dress shoes and flat shoes are not appropriate or safe for gym.
  • Students with inappropriate gym strip will be deducted marks.  After three consecutive times a phone call home will be made to clarify the problem.
  • In fall and spring Physical Education will be outside.  All students are expected to provide appropriate clothing for activities outside.  Sweat pants and a hoodie kept at school are strongly recommended.

Gym strip is for use only in phys. ed. classes, and is not to be worn throughout the day to regular classes unless requested by an adult.

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