In order for students to have a safe place to store their belongings during the school day, individual lockers and locks are provided to every student. You may not change lockers during the year. Lockers are the property of the school and are on loan to the student. 


  • should not leave items of value in their lockers
  • are responsible for the proper care of the locker
  • should not to give their lock combination to anyone else
  • are responsible to keep his/her locker clean 
  • will remove all contents when requested to do so
  • will be held responsible for damages to the locker

The school reserves the right to open them at any time. Please ensure that the condition of the locker, and its contents, are acceptable to school standards. Locker door replacement cost is about $200. Removal of decals etc. costs about $30 per locker.


The use of personal locks on school lockers is not permitted. If a replacement lock is required there will be a $10.00 charge. 

Tote Box Lockers

Each student is assigned a lock and locker room tote box to store gym strip. Students must make sure that while in phys. ed. class or an activity, clothes and valuables are locked away in day lockers. At the conclusion of that class/activity the day-locker should be cleared, and gym strip locked in the tote box. Gym strip and personal belongings in the tote box can be further secured by storing them in a pillow case or bag.

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