​We’re proud of our school and like to share our spirit.

School Spirit

Throughout the year, there will be several social activities to promote school spirit and raise funds for school projects. Times and dates will be announced. Evening functions will generally be held on Thursday. School dress code is in effect. Students are expected to  be in attendance for the duration of a function and suitable behavior applied.

Recognition and Celebration Program

The recognition and celebration program at Simon Fraser aims to:

  •  Encourage and recognize student achievement 
  • Acknowledge student contributions that help create a positive, productive and safe school environment.- Student growth will be recognized throughout the year in a variety of formats.

Students who volunteer their non-class time and energies to enrich Simon Fraser's environment will be recognized for their contribution to the school during term assemblies.

Social Activity Guidelines

  • Permission for late arrival or early dismissal must be arranged prior to the activity. 
  • Students who choose not to attend are not to be in or around the school at that time. 
  • Only students registered at Simon Fraser may attend. 
  • All dances will be supervised by staff and any parent who wishes to attend. 
  • Please arrange with your parents in advance for pick-up following social functions. 
  • Students who are absent during the school day are not allowed to be in attendance at social functions. 
  • Students who choose to misbehave during any student activity/event will not be invited to the next one.
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