Physical Education

Physical Education supports you in acquiring skills through a variety of developmentally appropriate movement activities. You will gain experience within various physical activities assisting you in further understanding health and wellness benefits, promoting positive interactions and leading an active lifestyle.

General Policies

Expected Physical Education Behavior

  • At no time should there be physical or emotional harassment in the school.
  • Locker rooms can be very crowded areas and at no time should students harass others.
  • Students are expected to respect others and their abilities in all activities.
  • Students are expected to respect all equipment.

Locker Room

  • At no times should there be food or drinks in the locker room.
  • Glass containers should not be taken into the locker room.
  • Students are to notify their Physical Education teacher when their lock is missing.
  • The school will not be responsible for items that go missing from the locker room.


  • Students should be changed and ready for their Physical Education class within four minutes. 
  • Late students will be deducted marks.


Alberta Education mandates all students be expected to participate in thirty minutes of physical activity daily.  Activity can be modified due to an injury or if a student is not feeling well, in consultation with student, teacher and/or parent.

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