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It is very important to us that we continue to have open and clear communication with parents at Simons Valley School. In our ongoing efforts to provide multiple methods of communication between teachers and parents, parents are welcome to email or call the school. Please feel free to contact your child's teacher at any time and use the communication tool that your teacher is comfortable using. It is recommended that you check with your child's teacher if you are unclear as to their preferred method of communication.


Christopher Snow - Principal                   

Gina Davidoff - Assistant Principal        

Barbara Hordern -  Resource Teacher  


Deborah Armstrong                                

Music and PE

Anna Latham                                      

Shannon Moncrieff                             


Corrine Webb                                     

Roxanne Oster/Krista Sutherland        /

Grade 1

Judy Cook                                   

Eri Eliopoulos                              

Heather Boston                            

Mel McGivern                               

Grade 2

Gloria Agbeyakah                            

Jenn Molnar                                      

Kaitlyn Amatto                                  

Julie Baker                                      

Grade 3

Brennan O'Reilly                            

Charlene Mudry                                 

 Iris Ley                                    

Grade 4

Trudi Neumiller                          

Sophie Boulanger                      

Roger Dewald                            

Erin Brophy/Meghan De Smet   /

Grade 5

Shane Spriggs                        

Jamie Hobbs                          

Anna Marie Fuller                    

Tammy Koch                          

Grade 6 

Deanne Pon                            

Andrew Cull                           

Vanessa Blyth                       

Laurie Reeve                          

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A Grade 7 student from John Ware School found a wallet that had been lost since 1987. Her class did some sleuthing and they were able to reunite the lost property with its owner. Way to go! #WeAreCBE

Today’s Board of Trustees public meeting starts at noon at the Ed Centre. We invite you to stream the meeting online #yycbe

Friday, Sept 25 is a system-wide non-instructional day. There are no in-person or online classes for students. Students in the hub can still access their course materials but teachers are not available to respond to questions. #WeAreCBE #yycbe

Here is an opportunity for #WeAreCBE student leaders interested in volunteering in the community. Deadline is Sept. 28

Congratulations to Henry Wise Wood student Suchir, who got to be Mayor for a Day yesterday #WeAreCBE