Our Staff



Ms. Michelle Hornbymahornby@cbe.ab.ca
Mr. Moe Rachidmorachid@cbe.ab.ca Assistant Principal (A-L)
Mr. Lee Jensenlgjensen@cbe.ab.ca Assistant Principal (M-Z)

Main Office

Ms. Reynolds sareynolds@cbe.ab.caAdministrative Secretary
Ms. Moorelmmoore@cbe.ab.ca
Ms. McMurtry    drmcmurtry@cbe.ab.caSchool Secretary/Office Assistant

Learning Leaders/Student Services

NameEmailPortfolio (Teaching Assignment)
Ms. Balisbjbalis@cbe.ab.ca Indigenous Education Strategist
Mr. Bliss
Mr. Boivinnjboivin@cbe.ab.caFine Arts and CTF (Creative Apps, Movie Making & Yearbook)
Mr. Hoblakmchoblak@cbe.ab.caGrade 9 (ELA and Social Studies)
Ms. Howesshowe@cbe.ab.caGrade 7 (ELA and Social Studies)
Mr. Jonessdjones@cbe.ab.caPhysical Education & Athletics (PE)
Mr. Langillecglangille@cbe.ab.caLiteracy (ELL)
Mr. Leavittvrleavitt@cbe.ab.caGrade 8 (Mathematics and Science)
Ms. Rowbothammjrowbotham@cbe.ab.caGuidance/Psychologist


Ms. Armstrongmlarmstrong@cbe.ab.caFine Arts - Music
Ms. Elsenjelse@cbe.ab.caMathematics & Science
Ms. Clairmontchclairmont@cbe.ab.caELA & Social Studies/Film Studies
Ms. Gladdenkagladden@cbe.ab.caPhys. Ed. & Health
Ms. Handetjhande@cbe.ab.caMathematics & Science
Ms. Hardyjlhardy@cbe.ab.caCTF - Outdoor Education
Ms. Hopleylchopley@cbe.ab.caELL  Mathematics & Science
Ms. Hudsonnahudson@cbe.ab.caCTF - Leadership
Ms. Isacksonclisackson@cbe.ab.caELA & Social Studies
Mr. MacDonaldidmacdonald@cbe.ab.caMathematics & Science
Ms. MacGougananmacgougan@cbe.ab.caELL Mathematics & Science
Ms. MacLennannamaclennan@cbe.ab.caArt
Ms. MacPheeplmacphee@cbe.ab.caResource
Mr. Manerycdmanery@cbe.ab.caELA & Social Studies
Mr. Marinucci 
Mr. Corry
Fine Arts - Drama
Mr. Millermaemiller@cbe.ab.caELA & Social Studies
Mr. O’Lainjmolain@cbe.ab.caPhys. Ed. & Health
Ms. Ralphledawson@cbe.ab.caCTF - Leadership
Ms. Rossingtonsarossington@cbe.ab.caCTF - Foods
Ms. Rostonsaroston@cbe.ab.caMathematics & Science/ALP
Ms. Rosvoldclrosvold@cbe.ab.caPaced Learning Program
Ms. Shabannashaban@cbe.ab.caMathematics & Science
Mr. Sheatwshea@cbe.ab.caCTF - Construction
Mr. Shelestynskysgshelestyns@cbe.ab.caPhys. Ed. & Health
Ms. Smidslsmid@cbe.ab.caAdapted Learning Program
Ms. Sterling
Ms. McLellan
Mathematics & Science

Ms. Vahaahoaavahaaho@cbe.ab.caELA & Social Studies
Ms. Wrightkifwright@cbe.ab.caCTF - Design Studies
Ms. Zakusjmzakus@cbe.ab.caELA & Social Studies

Support Staff

Ms. Campbelljmcampbell@cbe.ab.caLearning Commons Assistant
Ms. Doironcmdoiron@cbe.ab.caEducational Assistant
Ms. Hussainsahussain@cbe.ab.caLunch Supervisor
Ms. Morriswdmorris@cbe.ab.caEducational Assistant
Ms. Thompsonjathompson@cbe.ab.caEducational Assistant

Facility Operators

De Gui (Frank) Xiaodexiao@cbe.ab.ca
Normita Haducnchaduc@cbe.ab.ca
Steven Meyersstmeyers@cbe.ab.ca
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#Awesome! We see some beautiful #SJAMers in that bunch. ❀️ Thanks to all who volunteer their time and give their love to the beautification of #YYC. πŸ‘πŸ½ https://t.co/EOWemXUqfS

#SJAM is so grateful to be a part of the #mookaaksin circle. ❀️ #WeAreCBE https://t.co/0nDasXTUVr

RT @yyCBEdu: It’s the last weekend to pre-register for yellow school bus transportation for next year. Please log into your My CBE/PowerSchool account to apply before Friday, May 31. https://t.co/5WKzXrGLt4 #yycbe #WeAreCBE https://t.co/kmFAYoncFg

Our #SJAM musicians rocked the house tonight with their amazing talents! Our conductor #MrsArmstrong was in fine form, like always! πŸ‘πŸ½ ❀️ The music was so good that our Trustee @AltheaGAdams & principal #MsLori were up busting some old school #YMCA moves. 😎 Y-M-C-A 😎 #WeAreCBE https://t.co/vjjtZXkVH4

Our #SJAM Drama Production was a huge success last week! Thank you #MrLancaster for giving so much of yourself to #SJAM students. We ❀️ you and we are grateful for your teaching and coaching. #Bravo πŸ‘πŸ½ #WeAreCBE #LostThenFound #DrJekyllsSecret https://t.co/PPYlMXdDyV