Dress Code

At SJAM School, how we dress should be appropriate for a wide range of learning activities. As members of our school
community, we must all be responsible to ensure that we meet the following expectations:

  • Clothing choices should allow for comfort, ease of movement, confidence, and reflective of our central purpose, which is learning.
  • Students are expected to not wear clothing that reveals their chest, stomach, buttocks, groin, or their underwear (tops and bottoms).
  • Students are expected to not wear clothing that is transparent, see through, mesh, fish net etc.
  • Students are expected to not wear clothing with suggestive or offensive messages/images.
  • Students who are not meeting these expectations will be asked to adjust their clothing (e.g. turn t-shirt inside out) or change into their gym clothing for the remainder of the day.
  • Hats, hoodie hoods, headgear, bandanas, sunglasses, large chains and jewelry which may cause a safety hazard are not to be worn in the school. Exceptions will be made for special events (e.g. hat days for fundraising) and cold days.
  • We honour cultural diversity at SJAM and encourage students to wear their religious headgear.
  • Wear shoes at all times.

Phys. Ed. & Athletics

  • Wear athletic shorts, a t-shirt. and running shoes for Physical Education class. We encourage our students to wear our SJAM gym strip for all Phys. Ed. activities. Our blue t-shirts and black shorts are quickly recognizable when outside on the field or running in the community.
  • Dress appropriately to go outside every day at lunch and to actively participate in Physical Education class.

Expectations for dress at school are intended to promote a positive learning atmosphere; all members of the school community are asked to support and respect these expectations. 

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