​Check out our school-themed merchandise and show your school pride. ​​​​


A couple of weeks ago, we had Bullying Ends Here visit our school. All students and staff were moved by Tad's stories and we are each INSPIRED to be better and do better. We also noticed that Tad was wearing a very cool pink hoodie, and many students asked him if they could purchase one. To turn our inspiration into some SJAM action, we have designed and are selling our own, very cool Mustang hoodies in PINK! Check out the pictures attached!

The colour pink is internationally recognized as a message to others that we stand against bullying, discrimination, racism, and homophobia. As Mustangs, we all BELONG and are inviting everyone to celebrate our beautiful diversity by wearing our pink Mustang hoodie with pride and a personal commitment to choose kindness.

Our SJAM hoodies come in sizes S-XL and are each $23.00 to recover the cost only. We are not selling the hoodies to make money. We are selling them to make a proud statement that #MustangsChooseKindness! Join us!

To purchase, please send money with your child, or visit the Main Office.

This is a limited-edition hoodie, and are first-come, first-sold.

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