Academic Guidelines

Homework Guidelines

The CBE recommends that students in Junior High study from one-half hour to one hour per school night. This time can be used to complete assignments, work on projects, practice skills (e.g. math, reading), or review for assessments. As a guide to successful home study, you are encouraged to:

  • Make sure to take home all that is needed to do your work. Forgetting the proper book, papers, map, etc. makes it hard to complete the assignments etc.
  • Use the D2L shell that your teacher has created to access information. You can also communicate with your teacher via D2L or email.

Your parents/guardians play an important part in your success. Encourage your parent/guardian to keep up to date on your missing/incomplete course work through D2L or by contacting your teachers directly via email. 

As teachers, we know that home study promotes and reinforces good work habits and helps you to increase your understanding of what is being learned in the classroom. As an SJAM student, you are responsible to complete and hand in all assignments. If you fall behind in your work, you may be asked by your teachers to attend after school and/or lunch work sessions to support the completion of your assignments. Your parent/guardian will also be contacted to set aside time at home for you to complete your assignments.

Need Help?

Check it out! There are lots of ways that SJAM supports your learning…


If you are experiencing difficulty understanding a learning task, talk with your teacher right away. Many of your teachers have regularly scheduled “help” times, and will make themselves available upon request.

Your family members and friends are also a great source of help. We encourage you to gather your friends and create your own homework clubs after school and on weekends. This is called “networking” in the business world.

Remember to use your D2L computer account. This account is like having a digital locker to access homework, teachers and various learning resources via an internet connection at any time and from anywhere in the world.

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