Prohibited Substances & Materials

Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs

Students will not use, distribute, be under the influence of, or be in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs while on school property, or at any time during the school day. This expectation applies to all school- sponsored functions or activities. 

Reason for Expected Behavior – The use of tobacco, alcohol and/or drugs does not support the development of positive self-esteem or a healthy lifestyle. Their use is dangerous, both to the student, the entire student body and staff. The law prohibits minors from using these substances.
Consequences of Misbehavior - Parents and the police will be notified to investigate the incident. The possession or use of alcohol and illegal drugs will result in suspension and may lead to removal from the school. Students involved in the selling or distribution of drugs will be referred to the suspension desk with the recommendation that he/she be expelled from Sir John Franklin. The Calgary Police Service will be contacted.

Prohibited Materials

Certain materials are not allowed on school premises. These include any weapon or object threatening the well being of others: drug paraphernalia, knives, laser pointers, pornographic materials, stink bombs, stolen goods, and incendiary items (lighters, matches, fire crackers). The classification of what is a prohibited material will be determined by the administration.

Reason for Expected Behavior –  The school must be a safe and secure learning environment.
Consequences of Misbehavior – Prohibited materials will be confiscated. The appropriate authorities will be contacted and in serious cases, students may be removed from the school.

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